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Meridian Green for $99 at Outpost.com

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I just got my ~270'th find with one of these yesterday, after having it for almost a year now. I ordered a second one from Fry's since my wife has been interested in having her own GPS and we already have all the software and memory cards for this kind of unit.

It's essentially a MeriGold with a smaller base map. You can still load 128Mb+ of detail maps into it if you have MapSend.

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Just received mine. I ordered it last night; it's here already.


They must have lost money on this one. The overnight driver said that the shipping cost alone (Express/Sat. Delivery) was around $40.


It's new; not a refurb.


Gotta go play...




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Magellan green


Awwww they show none available!!!


If you have a Frys electronics store near you the deal is good there to I missed the online also. But headed to Frys in Phoenix AZ. They said they had a ton of em still. Grabbed one and a 128 meg card for $160 plus tax icon_biggrin.gif To give you an idea on the 128 I loaded the entire state of Arizona from mapsend topo on just over 18 megs

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I just talked to my "local" walmart and they said

they would honor this price IF it were a local

store. We have no Fry's within a few hundred

miles,,,,but if you live in the areas that due,,

here is your chance!!!! Print off Fry's add and

take into your Walmart and they should honor it.

Let us know your results.

Team Madapple

West Baden, Indiana

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I ordered one Saturday when it was still listed as in stock. I received and email committment stating I'd receive an email when it ships.


The email I received today, not the one I was expecting, says they are unable to fulfill the order. DISGUSTING!!!


Mu order confirmation was at 612 pm Saturday.


Anyone else have this happen ???

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I had ordered two of these (for gifts, as we already use two) and I placed my order at 2200 on Saturday...still waiting for the cancellation email icon_mad.gif


I wonder if this ad was a misprint, as in should have been $199.00 and someone finally caught it?


Dealer cost has to be at that price or more I would think...

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I tried to call about 5 of the stores and none

of them will ship. They all told me they didnt

have any way of doing it and to go to outpost.com

I want one and no way to get it. Would any good

hearted fellow cacher close to a store buy one

and ship it to me,,,I would pay cost and



Team Madapple

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Thanks for checking that out. I was just gonna start calling around myself.


I'd be curious to know if anyone that ordered from Outpost after 6pm Saturday has not received a cancellation message.


I let them know what I thought of a system that listed items in stock, took my credit card #, then bailed in the deal.



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The Meridian usually retails for $149.99 at Fry's Electronics. It is on sale for $99.99 through today (12/10/02). The unit includes 2MB of built-in maps of North America; including interstates, highways, major lakes and rivers, cities, airports and more. The unit comes with a PC cable, start-up manual and CD user manual. There is also a slot in the battery compartment for adding Digital Memory Cards for expansion. The unit is waterproof and floats.


I picked one up at the Tempe, Arizona store yesterday - they had plenty in stock.


Rand Hardin (RandMan)

Chandler, Arizona

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After my order didn't show up Tue like it should I called Wed & was told it would be shipped overnite at no charge. Got an email this morning saying that the units would come at a "later" date so I called to see when that date would be & was told they sold out & their "supplier" couldn't get anymore. Now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this unit in just about every retail store around?? Something's not right & they have been reported to the Better Business Bureau.

If'n you ain't got it, don't advertise it.

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After Outpost.com cancelled my order for a product that showed as in stock I sent complaints to their customer service dept.


This company promotes themselves as being number 1 in customer service on their home page.


Yet I have received no reply to my concerns.


I told them I was reporting them to the BBB and anyone else that i could register a complaint with. time to hit the Internet Opinion sites to with a few kind words.


I was most annoyed because thay took my CC info and personal info then cancelled the order. 2 days later.

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Ahhh, similar experience here. I ordered on Monday (I didn't check the order status) and I received an e-mail about 5 hours later saying that my order was canceled, and that it was not going to be shipped, because it was out of stock. I didn't think anything more of it, and since I as buying this for a gift for someone I just got it elsewhere for $149.99. So today, I'm looking at my checking account, and sure enough there's a pending charge on there for the same amount as what my order WOULD have been if it had been processed. I double checked to see if maybe they went ahead and shipped it when they came in stock or something, which would have been ok I would have probably kept it for myself, but no order was fulfilled....Seems to me it's probably just an authorization hold, but it shouldn't have been placed on there if they had no intentions of sending my GPS. Gotta e-mail those folks tonight, and call 'em tomorrow.




Update, I e-mailed them this evening about the issue I'm having, and I also discovered that because they charged me, it put me over my credit limit, so I got charged a fee for that too.


Ironically enough, I attemped to send my message via their online customer service form, but it kept telling me that there was an error and it couldn't be sent. So, no problem, I just sent it though my e-mail....I was being lazy and trying to save myself that step. After I send the e-mail off, I check my inbox, and there's 3 e-mails from their mailer-bot saying they received my message....so I guess it went though online afterall.


This is the first time I've ever dealt with them, and normally I'm understanding of mistakes. But this seems more than a mistake, especially after seeing that others are having problems as well, this seems like fraud. Cancel an order on 12/9/02 and then charge someone for it on 12/12/02??? I think not. Like I said this is my first dealings with them, and it certainly will be my last. (/rant) icon_mad.gificon_confused.gificon_rolleyes.gif


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Guy said they had been put on sale for 149.99 and had lots of them in stock. I showed him the outpost price and they gave it to me (after some hesitation).

This is my first one so I am very happy to get such a bargain. Thanks for sharing the online deal- saved me some bucks.

Now I just have to figure out how it works.....



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