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garminV won't talk

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icon_redface.gif i'm on my 2nd garmin V with no end in site to my frustrations. After an initial download from CitySelect at a respectable 110 rate loading the full 19 megs in 45 minutes...the next download provides the error message...that "no gps is attached. Shut the gps on an off...shut the computer on and off, replace the cable...try another PC... but no luck.


In the vehicle.. the unit works fine...my first Garmin V worked fine...however my first unit was sent back 3x before they replaced..the replacement has had the core module replaced once...but now it too has been "bewitched". Can anyone out there think of any ideas.. Garmin and i are at wits end...... Thanks, Bill

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You might have a blown out serial port or ports. If you've done any ''hot'' connections or disconnections with the serial port, it is likely blown. I've had that happen twice and am using a USB adapter now, but it is a real PITA. Can't use it for loading maps. Actually it will work for one or maybe two map sections but never have I gotten it to work for the whole memory load. Only for uploading and downloading waypoints and tracks.


Steve Bukosky N9BGH

Waukesha Wisconsin

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1. Have you gone back through the City Select setup process so that it recognizes your new unit as legitimate?


2. Do you have Palm software running in the background (is the hotsync manager icon visible in your tray in the lower right corner of your screen?) If you have a Palm PDA and use the same serial port to hotsync and download to your GPSr, the MapSource software can't grab the port until the hotsync manager is closed.



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