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Cold, and Temperature

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Temperature is for receiving the NMEA data sentence MTW (mean temperature of water) which would be provided by some other instrumentation (typically on board a seagoing vessel) that provides that data. There is also provision for receiving depth data (DPT) and speed & heading (VHW). The action of the liquid crystal material of the display slows and becomes non-uniform as the temperature drops but must be below around -60°C before it could freeze and cause damage.

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as far as using a GPS in the cold goes, I've used the 76S outside in temps ranging from about -5F to 20F... usually the colder it gets the less I use the GPS. I'll take it out to take a reading, get my bearing, and then put it back into an inner coat pocket to keep the unit warmer.

I've found that the display really starts to lag if you use it continously when it's cold (even in temps just 10F degrees below freezing).



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FWIW, the -5 F pretty much matches my experience with various Garmin eTrex units. I've had my Vista die at about -10 F (lithium batteries). After that, the thermometer in my whistle bottomed out and the fluid in my Silva compass got slushy.


I was so relieved to find a good ledge for my Stephenson tent, I actually forgot the Vista outside and had to chip it out with an ice axe in the morning. The moral, of course, is Gu tastes repulsive warm, cold, or frozen... icon_wink.gif


Although they are fine units, I have never had much luck with Magellan's in the cold. I've seen a 315 (320?) konk out around 32 F and a Meridian freak out just under 40 F (it actually came back to life when the memory card was removed).



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