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Leaving GPS in cold vehicle


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Hello All-


I live in the wondeful state of Colorado. It's only downfall is that when it gets cold, it gets COLD!


I usually leave my GPS locked up in my truck. That way it is always accessable for GeoCaching. icon_biggrin.gif


However, now that the temps are dropping into the single digits at night, can this harm my GPS's liquid crystal display? I've noticed when I turn it on in the morning, the display is real "slow" until it warms up.


Is it bad to leave it in the cold vehicle and then have it warm up, then get cold again, then warm up again, etc, etc over and over again?




PS. It's a Magellan 330MAP




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All LCD displays are prone to freezing. As there are different types (some freeze at 32 F and some at -30F), I would go with the manufacturers guidelines.


It is possible, once frozen, to slowly thaw and bring the unit to normal operating temps and all will be fine. But as in my friends laptop computer, it is also possible to permanently ruin or darken the screen. Of course he wasn't covered under warranty. In the area where you live....I would take it in at night.



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To completely freeze the liquid crystal material in these displays would require exposure to temps below -60°C for an extended period of time. There is a remote possibility of the breaking of the seal between the two pieces of glass where the liquid crystal material resides due to going from one temperature extreme to another but I wouldn't worry about it. Cold temps will cause the material to react slowly and the display to not be as sharp as normal.




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Originally posted by ejmct:

I can tell you from experience that the cold weather will greatly reduce battery life.


Also, the display on my GPS acts funny until it warms up. I don't know if this actually hurts the unit though.


NOT TRUE! Most batteries will return to normal capacity if you warm them to operating temperature before using them. In fact, storing batteries at reduced temps will slow the self-discharge rate. If you keep a large stock of batteries on-hand, keeping some of them in the fridge is a better idea than keeping them in a hot garage.


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Originally posted by Desert_Warrior:

In fact, storing batteries at reduced temps will slow the self-discharge rate.


In a review a few years ago, Consumer Reports stated there was no validity to the cold storage theory. The tried a month, six months, one two and three years storage and there were no differences whatsoever in the batteries from fresh based on standard discharge rates.

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Any possible damage to the liquid crystal display is terminal. Any ruined areas are permanent. I left a watch of my sleeping bag while camping and it was partially ruined. Meaning Totally Ruined to me. It taught me a lesson.


I worry about my dig camera and anything similar. I can't emagine even having minor damage to the LCD of my GPS. I left it in the car recently and went out in the freezing cold at midnight to get it.


Maybe the batteries do or don't do ok after freezing, but that is minor compared to the screen. I don't think the warranty covers that.


Basically, it just isn't worth the risk. Just think, you leave it in the car and it gets to 30deg at night, maybe 10deg. You say, ahhhh, it will probably be ok. The specs say its ok. Then to find out the screen gets a few bad small pixels. No going back after that.

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