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Is there any software that will satisfy my needs?

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Hey all, I'm new to geocaching, but I've been using my GPS for about 2 years now. I'm an extremely avid outdoorsman who uses my GPS for plotting points I need to return to later or find in the dark.


I've been thinking for about the past year on what I would want in a GPS software. I currently use the Garmin 12 which just about fits my needs exactly. I don't utilize maps in the field. I normally just take a waypoint at the truck (so I can find my way back if lost) and then either find saved points or find areas to save.


I would like to have a software that allows me to plot all the points I take on a topo or satellite photo of the place I am hunting. This would be so I can chart animal movements, feeding, bedding and drinking areas to attempt to find patterns in their lifestyles.


I have tried UglyBass Utilities and I cannot get the dang thing figured out. It is not as easy as the directions say it is. As far as getting the topo or photos of the area, I usually get them off the internet so I won't need software that already has that installed.


Am I just dreaming or is there something that will satisfy my needs?

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