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Max.. is that the guy from Red Green?


Do you know I've only seen that show one time, and it was about five years ago. My mom got me to watch the last half of a single episode.


To this day, I've never seen it again, and have only seen a few references, but I thought it was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen.


If that's not the guy, forget everything I've just said.



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Max.. is that the guy from Red Green?


Not to put words in Max's mouth, but I do know the answer to that one...That's Harold, Red Green's nephew.


Out here in hickville (the midwest), the Red Green Show is all over PTV on the weekends - it's very popular. I can watch one episode air on Nebraska PTV and then change channels to Iowa PTV and watch a different episode.


As Red would say, Keep your stick on the ice.

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