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GPS vrs Map, which is more accurate?


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I was out looking possible cache spots with my Garmin Legend, with the TOPO maps downloaded into memory. I was looking at a spot in the city, and I marked the Waypoint, with about 35 Feet accuracy. When I looked at the Map, the point was off, and as far as I could tell, it was about 80 feet off. Which point should I trust? I have at times been able to get down to 8 feet accuracy, and for one cache was able to locate the right spot from 7 choices with the GPS alone. Another time my GPS had the waypoint on the wrong side of the road. I know there will be some variance, which would be a better bet.


As far as the maps, the TOPO seam to have the right amount of detail. I was seeing some caches located in the water until I downloaded the TOPO maps. Some times I wish there was more detail about the hills, it seams that I only get broad reading of elevation.

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Maps can be highly variable depending on the original scale or resolution that the map data was actually collected at. Many maps are still based on older methods of data collection/accuracy and actual GPS positions will certainly be better than most available maps.


Cheers, Kerry.


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