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magellan map410 ?

Guest wapa2ee

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Guest wapa2ee

re is one at my local store that i could get cheap i think it seems hard to find prices for magellan other than the 315


if any one knows if the 410 is any good for geocaching please tell me and where do you find prices for mag products

garmin is everywhere

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I use a Magellan 410 and find it quite satisfactory for geocaching. I often use the road screen to navigate to the parking area without consulting any maps whatever. Then I use the compass screen in conjunction with a magnetic compass to home in on the direction and distance to the cache. Rotate the GPS til the N-S line of its compass rosette parallels the magnetic compass needle (held in the other hand). This orients the rosette so the arrow (and cache icon on the rosette) point toward the cache. I usually rubber band the magnetic compass base plate under the GPS, with the magnetic compass sticking out in front of the antenna. Then, rotating the entire GPS/compass assembly until the GPS N-S parallels the compass needle orients it so the bearing arrow points at the cache location. There is also a sun icon on the rosette. Rotating the GPS til that icon points at the sun orients the rosette to N-S and the target arrow to toward the cache.

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Guest bwware

I was using a borrowed Map410 for a good month...until the antenna came off! I was out there in the woods doing some geocaching and someplace after we FOUND the cache and got to the car, the antenna came off! It is STILL out there in those woods someplace! Other than the antenna coming off so easy, it worked perfect for me and it had great sat reception! But my wife has since gotten me a GPS315....with a permanent antenna!!


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Guest RealDcoy

I have used a Magellan Map 410 and GPS 315, Garmin eMap, 12 XL, 12 map, GPS II, GPS III+, and most recently a Map76 unit.


Most of my comparison has been between the III+, the 410 and the 12 map. I prefer the menu system of the Garmin units. I just thought they were easier to learn. (I am sure having the 12 XL as my first unit influenced that, however my father has a 410 and likes the Garmin menus as well!) I have had the III+ and 410 together many times. They seem equal in performance in a car, but the main difference has been under med/heavy tree cover. The III+ has consistently outperformed the 410 in holding sat locks. I have only had the III+ and 12 map together about 3 times, but I found the same to be true. (The 12MAP and III+ are supposed to be the same unit inside, other than the audible alarm on the 12MAP). I assume it has to do with the external antenna.


The 76 was mounted in a car with an external antenna. It locked sats more quickly than my III+, and then performance seemed VERY similar, although that was undr almost perfect conditions. I would assume that under tree cover, with WAAS it could outperform the III+.


I also prefer the way the display on the III+ can be vertical for holding and walking, and then horizontal for use on a vehicle dash.


If you don't mind the size of the 410, maybe you should check out this deal:



They have Garmin StreetPilots that are remanufactured for $220. I have not used one, but may check one out this week to see if I want one dedicated for my car. I believe they will work just like the III+, except you have to add the memory cartridge. (8mb and up I think). Much better than the wimpy 1.44MB on the III+!


You have to remember that the StreetPilot is BIG though. There are MANY considerations to take in picking a unit. Size, performance, external antenna or not, mapping or not, price of map software, etc. I think the new Magellan Meridian units look interesting, but have not done much research about them. I would certainly consider the eTrex Legend. I think 8MB is plenty of memory, but I suppose it depends on how much you travel, and where you live.


I hope this was more helpful than confusing. I just see lots of posts or reviews that say things like, " ABC GPS kicks butt!", or, "the best I ever used!". Not a lot of help without supporting reasons, or if that unit is the only one they have ever owned or used.


My above comments have been regarding mapping units since you asked about one. I particularly like having a detailed basemap loaded for the cache area so it is VERY easy to orient the cache to surrounding landmarks. (Heck, the map for a recent one showed a little creek that you could step accross, and an old railroad bed that didn't even show on my current county atlas!)




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