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Mapopolis and PPC2003

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I've been running it on a Dell Axim, using the buggy version of 2003, with no problems I would attribute to Mapopolis. Looks like I should have the bug fix for my version of 2003 any day now, but that's another story. Mapopolis customer service good, Dell BAD.....


GPSPassion.com has a forum section dedicated to mapopolis where you can pick up more info. Mapopolis is a great program, with fantastic, very responsive customer service. I highly recommend the program.

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I noticed the maps are dowloaded from the mapopolis web site as needed for the first year for free (incl.with purchase). Can these maps be saved on your desktop for future and or reuse and loaded onto your PPC at a later date ?

I know if I wanted an updated release of a map there would be a purchase of the newer map required.



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You download the maps in zip format in either county segments, or whole state segments. They don't expire, and you can keep them on your hard drive to load into your PPC whenever you want. As for the program itself, mapopolis upgrades it on a fairly regular basis. You can download it for free anytime. A little while back they did change the format with the map upgrade, so there are two versions of the basic program out. One to work with the older maps, the other for the newer map.


I've found the download method works fine if you have a high speed connection to the internet. I believe you can order the maps on CD ROM as well if you so desire.

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Thanks I was al ittle leery about the downloads when reading the M&P's on the process and couldn't find a specific answer to my questions in the FAQ's. You cleared that up for me...thanks.


I think I'll make this purchase. Mapopolis is exactly what I was looking for so I didn't have to lug around my laptop.


Now to find the cords I'l need and which expansion pack for my ipaq 3955.


Thanks again,


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I don't know if you already know this or not but the mapopolis folks released a gpx import utlility for us cachers. It's called gpxtomaplet. It allows you to take gpx files and import them sorta like how pushpins work in streets. I have some info on this at




This utlitly makes mapopolis hands down the most useful pda mapping solution for cachers!


"Law pain i reviar mistar aen"

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Hi All:


Mapopolis is a terrific company to work with, they are very rapid in their replies to emails. I have used their demo maps and they work very well.


According to MPLS, a CD veresion for the map files will be available for PPC soon. At tis time, the maps are only available as a download. This info current as of two weeks ago.


...And I am using the GPX utility. It works fine, but I can't seem to manipulate the data b$ it makes it to the map. For example, all GPX caches appear on the map as a yellow dot. I have gone through each file (250) and changed the cache icon to " $ ", very easy to see. Also, I had to click the field to show the icon at all zoom levels. A lot of work X 250 caches.


Still extremely pleased with the program and maps. BTW, I used the maps to get close (by vehicle)to the cache, then I use CacheDragon for the rest of the trip.


Safe Caching,

Dave, Akron, Ohio

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That's odd... When you run the GPXtoMaplet app, you should be able to just go into "Change Parameters" and change the icon there (it is in the bottom right of that dialog). I changed mine to "$" there and it worked just fine.


However, there is no option to make them all "show icon at all zoom levels" -- but at least you get a GREEN dot instead -- makes it more obvious, at least. And, you get the "$" when you zoom.


I'm going to go suggest the "show at all zoom levels" option now... icon_smile.gif


- John...

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