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Recommendations on Digital / Analog Compasses that won't freeze?

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As I zero-in on a cache, I often find myself using my analog compass to follow the bearing given by the GPS (even if my MeriPlat has a digital compass. I'm not sure why, but I find the compass of the GPS to be somewhat unreliable even when correctly calibrated. Any ideas why?).


I'm considering upgrading my lensatic analog compass with one that won't freeze in cold weather. With low temps, the liquid in the vial of the compass gets slushy and getting a bearing takes forever.


I was looking at the 'Brunton Nomad Digital Compass' and the 'High Gear TrailDrop II'. Has anyone tried these units in very cold weather?


Also, if you have suggestions for analog compasses that won't freeze, I'd like to hear them.






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The Platinum compass is not (according to the Magellan specs) particularly accurate to begin with. I've seen many Magellan units get wonky right around the freezing level, so it does not surprise me that you are getting dubious results in cold weather.


A basic Silva Ranger (sort of the 'standard' for a good basic compass) is rated to something like 20 or 30 degrees below 0 (F). Most good instruments will have a similiar operating range.



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So far, my old fashioned analog compasses have faired better for me in cold weather than any of my electronics using LCD screens. Of course, your GPS will probably quite working too, so it may not be an issue.


My favorite compass for caching is a Sunnto KB-20 sighting compass. It's very quick and easy to use in conjuction with the bearing that the GPS gives you, and you can easily sight to an accuracy of 1 degree or so with it. Something I've found quite a bit harder, and more time consuming to do with any other style compass. Just remember to have your GPS give you the heading in magnetic degrees.

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