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Looking for suggestions on a replacement Magellan unit


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I have been using a Magellan Tracker for geocaching; however, on one of my last trips, on a nasty slide down a gravel hillside, my GPS unit took the brunt and the face is really scratched. Magellan said it would be $90 to replace the unit or I could trade it in on a new unit.


Here are the trade-in prices they sent me for my Tracker:


GPS310 $72.25

GPS 315 $108.80

GPS 320 $115.60

Map330 $170.00

Map330M $183.60


Meridian Gold $191.25

Meridian Marine $199.75


Visor Companion $96.05

Palm M500 Companion $131.75

SporTrak $115.18

SporTrak Map $135.10

SporTrak Pro $182.75


I am looking at the Map330, Meridian Gold or the SporTrak Map & Pro models.


My question is what unit would you recommend assuming I will use it primarily for Geocaching and would like to be able to upload Delorme TopoUSA maps to the unit for use in the field?


Thanks in advance for your input.

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My friend has the 330, and that is what I used for the last 2 month. It works great and I like it a lot.


The unit I just bought though is the Meridian Gold. I wanted to be able to upload more maps than what you can with the 330, and the screen is just a bit wider.


I was also looking at the SporTrak Pro, it is a bit smaller, lighter, and lower in price. As I use it 'most' in my truck, and then just a bit of hiking around to a cache, the extra size and weight is no big deal to me, and I can do without eating out for a few weeks to make up for the extra cost. LOL...


If you do a lot of boating, I'd go with the Marine.


I guess what it all comes down to is like they say about buying a computer, ''Get as much hardware as you possible can afford.'' You will end up paying less the long run do to having to upgrade as soon. So, in that vain, go with either the 330, SporTrak Pro, Meridian Gold, Meridian Marine, or even the Meridian Platinum if you have the extra money.




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