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Hey, I am just curious any geocachers take their Geocaching time and also take pictures of the areas they go to. I have an Olympus c-4000 and I always take my camera and take some cool pictures in the sometimes remote places geocaching takes me.


I do what I gotta do, when I GOTTA do it.

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I always take my camera too.

You just never know when someone will slip or trip over a log! Those pics are the best!


I say, "Are you all right? Good. Now don't move until I get a picture!!"


AHHH.....the memories! icon_biggrin.gif


That's IT!!! We're going to Fist City, and I'm driving!

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Just got my G3 the other day. I really like it. Yeah.. it's expensive.. but I just bit the bullet and now I'm eating Ramen for a while.


There are a few issues with the camera, but none that would make me not purchase it.


Anwyay, that's off-topic.


Hopefully, my cache logs will be accompanied by photos now that I have a convenient digital camera.



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i just got the new N75 by Nikon with a 28-80 lens and a 80-300 telephoto. it is the closest thing to the F100 that i use at work. it seems to be a really good camera. We also have a Kodak 2mp digital as well. i love to take pictures, prefer 35mm. i also have a negative/ slide scanner from monolta so i can still make my photos digital. i prefer to use emulsion media vs. digital but that is pretty much because i have gotten over my fear of. having to have each photo come out perfect or i am an utter failure issue. now, i just shoot and play with parameters and scan only the ones i like and hope that they are all usable. i take better stills then action shots.


SR and dboggny.

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Originally posted by BloenCustoms:

Does the G3 Cannon use EOS lenses?

I wish. Unfortunately digital SLR's are still far beyond my price range. The cheapest Canon digital SLR's are in the neighborhood of $1500. The best models run about $7000.


I did choose the G3 because of its lens, though. It's a (35mm equivalent) 35-140 F2.0/F3.0 max aperature. That's 1/2 stop better than some and a full stop faster than other digital cameras. It has many similar controls to an SLR such as hot shoe, tripod mount, manual aperature and shutter controls.


I've been an SLR guy for several years now, so it took a huge leap for me to dive into a point-and-shoot digital, but I'm happy. No, it's still no SLR, but it's close, plus it's fairly light and compact--which is a whole lot nicer than lugging around my SLR and accompanying lenses.



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We, too, always take a digital, and if I'm in the mood to carry it, my Maxuum 7 in a camera backpack. I considered getting a better digital, but decided to get a very good scanner(Epson 2400). Adds versatility at home and in the field. Now I can get really GOOD pictures with the SLR while caching and scan/upload when developed.



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I don't know why they have the link for the gallery pages hidden away on the contact page but in case you don't know about it check it out. The gallery updates pretty much the same as most recent cache logs page does. It's a fun way to see the kinds of caches and fun people are having around the world.

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I'm probably more a "geophotographer" than I am a geocacher! ... if that makes any sense. I've had a Canon Powershot G2 for a year and a half now, and I take it literally everywhere. Its the best money I've ever spent in addition to a 512 meg CF card!


I recently purhchased Adobe Photoshop Album to manage all of my digital photos and I love it.


I'm setting up my own web site called GPRECON.COM which is basically going to consist of detailed photo albums of my adventures.


Here is my adventure from last Saturday - it is basically a bunch of geocache, scenery, and Jeep pictures:






I love "geophotography"!

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Originally posted by Navdog:

Caching and photography has ben a fun mix for me. Our http://www.moondog3.com/ has lots of pics of our caching adventures.


Whoah! Really awesome website there! That's very inspiring and I wish there really was a print magazine of "Caching Life" haha, that was very cool. You all really have the adventure spirit of this whole thing down!


Team Kender - Willow and Dan exploring the Bay Area backroads!

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Well, after reading about all the fun everyone's having with their digital cameras, I just ordered a Canon Powershot A70. In all fairness, I've been thinking about getting a digital cam for a while, just finally bit the bullet. Got a pretty good deal, I think - camera plus a 256MB card for around $280 after $20 rebate (and that includes TX sales tax) from a deal on the Dell website. Check out www.headlinedeals.com if interested - I think one of the coupons is only good today 5/13, but there are always good deals listed there.


The problem now is we have 2 regular 35mm cameras, the new digital, and a DV video camera. Need a bigger pack!


TX Hokie

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