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I already asked this but I need clarificationplease

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I have an ETrex Legend. What I am trying to do is as follows:

When I go on a cache hunt, I would like to be able to come home, hook the legend up to my PC and superimpose the saved Track Log over a map of the area, preferable satellite or Topo map.

Does anyone know of away to do this. I downloaded one program that enabled me to download the track but I couldn't figure out where to get the map for it.

Does this make any sense to anyone and has anyone done it.

My purpose is to continue adding to the same map so that eventually I will have a large map with tracks going all over the place showing the places that I have been.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I am now gonna POP this mutha icon_biggrin.gif





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You can do this using National Geographic TOPO!GPS and the appropriate NG Topo! area map. I have done this in the past but I know have it loaded on my laptop and actually live track as I drive. Then when I leave the vehicle I disconnect the GPSr and save the track of the hike then upload that later and you have the complete route...The software is a bit pricey though...about 100$ per state.


"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there." Yogi Berra


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Several programs will let you show a tracklog on top of a map. For aerial satellite maps I like USAPhotomap from J. Cox (jdmcox.com) which is available free. Both GarTrip (www.gartrip.de) and OziExplorer will let you superimpose tracks on any maps you can scan into your PC, and ExpertGPS should let you work with the online Topo maps, but I haven't used that program yet.

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I would recommend expert GPS only to people that have broadband internet access.

Since it pulls all the maps off the inernet and they can get rather large. But on the other hand it does store those maps for offline use, so if you don't mind the initial hours of downloading (for dialup users) it is a good program as it provides both arial and topographic. I for one use both Expert GPS and the Topo! by NG as the NG maps provide additional features such as route profiles and altitude readouts.



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I'd have to second the vote for Mr. Cox's program. If you just want to plot waypoints and tracks, it works very well and is free.


Like ExpertGPS, it pulls the images from Terraserver.net.


As far as commercial mapping packages go, I really like the topos that the National Geographic stuff prints. But, it is pricey (then again, buying all 15,000 printed quads would be pricey too icon_wink.gif )



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