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Buying my first GPSr

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I have it narrowed down to an eTrex Vista and a GPSMap 76s. I like the price of the Vista, and the 24 meg of Ram. I am not sure about the antenna. Maybe a re-radiating attenna would be in order. On the other hand, the 76s has the built in quad helix and an external jack. But, it costs more and I am concerned about the vertical orientation of the unit and the use of the built-in compass (requires level orientation). I have never even used a GPS before but have done some research and I can't wait to get started geocaching.


Any advise on other units I should look at or if the 76s is worth the money or comments on the antenna / compass issue would be appreciated.

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I came up with the same choices and would have bought the Vista until I also started looking at the Magellan MeriPlat (Meridian Platinum), which I bought. Very happy with it and like the idea of having SD memory which allows for faster & easier changing of maps. The price was right ($238) also. The compass in the MariPlat can be read in any position (does not have to be flat) which may be an advantage to you. The screen seemed to be clearer (to me at least) than the eTrex. In any case you might want to include it in your comparisons.


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MAP76S was found under the tree. I am amazed at its accuracy and features. The mapping feature is very convenient even without the optional CDs.


Using it to find a cache (a difficult one, I say) the compass feature was good, though I also use a real compass. The cache became difficult to find due to canopy, moved away and I was back in the hunt.


I also like the sensitivity of the 76S. It keeps lock even in the armrest beverage holder of my vehicle, will work inside the house (my couch has coordinates!), only loses lock when I drive under bridges-that is typical.


This is my 1st GPSr and I don't regret the choice. Ordered from gpsdiscount.com, very pleased with the deal. It was here the next day, great price, no shipping.


GL with the choice, there are so many!

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I'll give my review after it gets here. We(bubble_luscious and I) currently own a basic etrex, and a etrex Legend. I thought about a Meri Plat, but have no complaints with the Garmin brand, and was too chicken to try the Magellan.


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I have the etrex Summit which is a step down from teh Vista. The Vista is going to be my next one. The barometric altimeter is important to me. I have had good success in finding caches with this unit. I can only imagine the Vista would be just as good if not better. It also supports the new WAAS technology. I can't speak for the Map76 as I've not used it, but based on my experiences with the Summit, I say go Vista!

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