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GPS to Archview

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I've been trying to make maps using GeoCaching GPS points. Archview (GIS Software) has a DNRGarmin extension for importing, but it won't read EZGPS files. Does anyone know of a more direct way to get waypoints into Archview than uploading into GPS Unit, then using the DNRGarmin to download into Archview?


Has anyone here used GPS/Archview combo before?



Boris, of >Twilightpoint<

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This is how I've done it:

1) In EasyGPS, save your waypoints as an .xml file.

2) Open up this .xml file in Excel. You'll have to clean it up quite a bit, but you'll see the lat/long, name, URL, etc. in there.

3) Now save this as a delimited text file.

4) In ArcView, import this delimited file as a table.

5) Create an event theme based on this table.


There ya' go!



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