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Garmin V battery timer.


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I recently sang the praises of lithiums in a thread over in the General forum. I'll just paste it here rather than Markwell it. Here are the reasons I use them:


looooong shelf life (10 years)peak power for entire battery lifepeak power through wide temperature range (even to -40° F)30+ hrs. typical life in Garmin GPS V~$0.34 / hr operating cost for set of 4very light weight

With one set in your GPSr and a spare set in your pack, batteries need never be a concern again. They will perform when needed, and the spares will be ready to go when your first set finally expires.



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Originally posted by worldtraveler:


I recently sang the praises of lithiums in a thread over in the General forum.




I've been a big fan for quite a few years. They're simply great, especially in this kind of weather (for the last 2½ weeks the daytime temps here in NEPA have been in the low-20s and below). Typically, I get 3 to 5 times the energy capacity of the best alkalines. And they're excellent for high-drain applications, too. I usually buy them by the carton. If only I could find a Web retailer that offers a very substantial discount!!!


Cheers ...


~Rich in NEPA~




=== A man with a GPS receiver knows where he is; a man with two GPS receivers is never sure. ===

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