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Another Garmin Customer Service RECOMMENDATION

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A few of you MAY remember my questions about an erratic beeper (message notification, etc) on my 76S. Anyway, it worked when new, then mostly very very quiet, sometimes not at all, and very rarely perfectly normal.


I went through ALL the firmware updates, hoping that it was a bug. Finally, I got around to calling Garmin.


They asked me to mail it in insured. I did. In less than a week from the time I mailed it in MN to KS, it was fully repaired with note explaining the repair and back on my doorstep.


Turns out they said the problem was verified and the beeper was fault with reversed polarity to boot. They replaced the beeper and returned my gps via next day air. This was covered under warantee.


In a day and age of poor service, this was great customer service. (One of the reasons I went with Garmin by the way.)




"Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of courage..."

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I can second the Garmin Customer Service recommendation. I recently purchased a couple of Rino 120's and the radios were not up to my liking (decent but not great). Garmin has made some improvements and is modifying mine to bring them up to spec. Additionally they are sending me a free 12V/data cable for my troubles. Very pleasant and accomodating on the phone "we want to make you happy" without even asking or pushing. For further info please see my thread "Specific Rino serial numbers having radio problems".

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An airport security screening person saw fit to steal the long-shaft adjusting knob from my Garmin V windshield mount without telling me (I guess he thought it was too long and pointed icon_confused.gif). That rendered the mount useless. I emailed Garmin Customer Service, offering to purchase a new shaft, but Garmin doesn't sell the individual parts; so they sent me an entire new mount without charge!


With service like this and the frequent FREE MapSource and firmware version upgrades, I'm a very satisfied and loyal Garmin customer. Now if they would just cut their software prices by about 30% and upgrades for current customers by 50%, I think they would eliminate just about all customer gripes and achieve increased market share and bottom line profits.



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