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GPSr Feature Wishlist


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Things I wish my GPSr could do (and as it's a Garmin GPSMAP 76S it already does a lot!):


1) Quick menu to toggle between 'on foot', 'on bicycle', 'driving', so I can keep track of the distance/ave speed in each mode. I'd like to know how much hiking I'm really doing.*


2) Related: Calculate Trip Computer data since last waypoint set


3) WAAS usable in the midwest -- not a receiver issue, but as long as I'm at it


4) Move cursor to location and mark new waypoint there. Currently, the GPSMAP 76S, if you mark a new point, sticks to where you are, not where you're pointing.


5) Stylus and touchscreen -- I'm thinking strongly about the iQue


6) MP3 Player, Cell Phone, 1-megapixel camera, cone of silence, death ray -- umm there is no #6



* I might be able to calculate this with enough waypoints set, the calculating the distance between waypoints on the track... I'm not sure what software will do this, but it's not on the Trip Computer.


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I've often thought about a screen that included:

- distance, bearing, pointer

- sat and WAAS status in realtime


The reason is, I'd sometimes will switch to sat status screen to find a spot that has the best reception through the trees, then switch back to the GoTo screen. More experimentation is needed but I think I get a better fix by trying to get a view of the birds through the trees.


...or it could just be Voodoo.


Oh, indicaton of the WAAS bird on the GoTo pointer like the waypoint, sun, and moon. That would help to find a hole through the trees, too.





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I'll go along with the touch screen! Reducing the number of buttons can only improve the water resistance.


Editing waypoints would be so much easier this way - not using the four-way thumbpad but entering text and numbers ala Palm OS, on a virtual keyboard..


How 'bout Hitting the "goto" icon and then tapping a point on the screen to get your distance and bearing?


Embedded Linux OS with Bluetooth? Just bring the GPS within a few feet of your Mac (OS X rocks- hint to the uninitiated) and start moving waypoints, maps, back and forth between the GPS and the 'puter.


I'm just a beginner at all this but I see loads of possibilities.

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Oh, indicaton of the WAAS bird on the GoTo pointer like the waypoint, sun, and moon.

The WAAS sats are geosynchronous. Since they don't move, they may not have thought there was value in marking them.


With the compass working, I know where the WAAS birds are:

Just over the horizon /There and There


Oh, and there are a coupla color GPS units. One of Garmin's auto-routing babies is color, and so's the iQue. But they're pricy. Comparable PDAs are only about $100 more than equivalent B&W models.


I am Arrowroot, son of Arrowshirt. I have many names, you know

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A USB compatible PC cable from Garmin for E-trex--I had a Belkin adapter, but the driver software would sometimes get hinky on me. I had to hunt through quite a few computer stores to find another brand, and that's working fine so far, but I could have saved myself a lot of trouble if Garmin would just go USB like everyone else has.


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