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Yes, that is an Antenna on my head.

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Yeah, this was an interesting place to put a remote antenna. (You can just make out the rectangular shape, that's the antenna. It's kinda dark so it's hard to see.) I was exploring a gorge area in Erie County, PA, and I decided to take a hands-free approach. So I attached, using plastic quick-ties, the Garmin-III antenna to my bicycle helmet. I then ran the extension cable from the antenna to the Garmin, which is sitting inside the carrying pouch on my belt.


A few advantages of this system:

1. Better GPS coverage- no signals blocked by the body and antenna is higher.

2. Hands-free operation (logging and tracking location)

3. Additional head protection in rocky areas and areas where one may potentially fall down or slip


But the disadvantages:

1. Looks kinda dorky (except it matches my urban camo shorts)

2. Cord can get in the way, espicially when using a backpack.


I also thought about making an "extender" that would attach to my large backpack, something that would be six or so feet high with an antenna on the top.






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Wow, and I thought I was the only antenna-head!


Originally posted by SpongeRob:

I guess in some rainy weather it can be also be used to ground the brain stem from a lightning strike.


Just kidding icon_smile.gif



Actually, that's not a terrible idea! I'm thinking of covering the top of the helmet, the entire area, with aluminium or stainless steel. Then have to LARGE GAGUE wires running down from the steel "cap" down to the feet, where it connects with two stainles steel, cleated soles. It might just be enough to divert the current to the ground, bypassing the human being...


Re: Canuk's Picture



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I've had occasions where I shifted the external antenna from the top of my pack strap to my hat and it just made enough difference to give me a lock. I don't like to look any weirder than I already am, so I just stick the antenna under my hat, it works fine. Now, if I really want to look like I'm trying to contact a UFO, I fasten the antenna on my skipole with a paint can lid duct taped to the snow basket, and stick in the side compression straps of my pack.

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Don't knock technology. I made a Radiating Antenna that I can place my Garmin Legend on and it works like a charm. I was under heavy tree cover looking for a cache and when I turned it on EUREKA it took me right to it. icon_smile.gif

I forgot to mention that I put a piece of metal under my cap and the magnetic antenna base just latches on to it. icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif

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Originally posted by The Alpha Operator:

"...Actually, the name of my town is 'North East' but it's really in Northwestern PA..."

Nothing confusing about that icon_eek.gif !


That's O.K., we have a 'Wesleyville Road' about 45 minutes drive east of Toronto ...problem is, there isn't a 'Wesleyville' anywhere near it!


BTW, *the* best and most scenic part of the drive between Toronto and D.C. is, IMHO, Pennsylvania ...you live in a beautiful State!



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OK, so now there's photographic proof that there are antenna-heads out there. My wife thought I was crazy for wanting to do this. I've actually given up on the Antenna-on-a-Hat idea for a much more cumbersome Antenna-on-a-Pole idea.


I do have a technical question though. I've seen most of the links about re-radiating antennas and most people are doing a loop of copper or steel. My question is more about what shapes won't work. One of the links is the re-radiating antenna for sale and they're using what looks like a little black rod as the transmitter. Anyone have any idea what the actual shape of the wire under the cover looks like?


I was going to try just wrapping a 190mm 12ga copper wire with electrical tape and bend it in half. Any thoughts?


I'll get some pictures up on my website with I get my lightning rod.. er.. re-radiating antenna completed. icon_smile.gif


FINALLY!!! Something useful I can do with that Geography degree. :-D

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Just a thought


Why not mount the antenna inside a baseball cap under the top of it so it's more discreet? I don't know if the metal button on the top of some caps will interfere with the signal. It could be held in place with non-metallic velcro, or a pocket for it could be sewn inside the cap.

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