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My GPS MAP76S feaked out today

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After a cache, while I was sitting still in my pathfinder drinking a PBR, my GPSMAP 76S said I was going 170 MPH, in a straight S.E. direction. Within minutes, I was in Naselle. After 5 minutes, I was past Portland, where I topped out at 233 MPH. I checked the trip computer to see what was up, and at one point, I hit 2300 MPH. (Mach 3.2, not bad) I did a wide look at my map, and my breadcrumb trail said I had been Clear to Baja Mexico, then up to Canada. The strangest thing is I did all this at -2000ft sea level. Should assume this was a glich and probably won't happen again, or should I call Garmin?


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Originally posted by lightnsound:

Are you sure that you didn't really do that traveling?


If it was me circa 1991, in my '78 Olds Cutlass, I would say 'yes', but the -2000ft. sea level?....now that would have been tough to pull off.


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It most likely is proof that you were abducted by space aliens. They took you off in a spaceship for a short period of time. All the memories in your brain were erased of course, but they must have missed the fact you had the GPS


I wouldn't worry to much about it. Every GPS receiver I've owned has done something similar at one time or other. Most of the time it happens when I'm not looking, but shows up on the trip computer, and in the track. Hard to say what caused it for sure. Signal interference is a possiblility, but then again, the things are primarily computers, and as such are suseptable to loosing it from time to time.

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I had a similar experience with my Vista on a couple of occasions some weeks ago. A flight over Norway that lasted for nearly an hour, at reasonable airliner speeds (400-900 km/h), but at an altitude that didn't change from where I actually was (150 meters). Considering the topography of Norway, this means that most of this flight was actually tunneling.


It happened another time too, but then it took a tour over the Baltic. In both these cases the Vista had a limited access to the sky, looking out through a window in a building and a train, respectively.



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Thats interresting, You flew Underground Airlines at Mach 3.


Never ever had problems with GPS III,IIIplus or either of my GPS V's. My Vista has had momentary problems of this sort, when I walked under huge trees.


Sounds like a software glitch that can be severe in a unit with a barometer.


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I think it is common, and not exclusive to a brand.

I have had it happen to my Magellan Map330 and my Meridian Plat. I was on an arch bridge 60 feet above the water. No obstructions for 20 miles in all directions. I was standing above the tree line. My satellites started dropping of randomly. I stood in the middle of the wooden bridge for 20 minutes waiting for a lock. I locked in and my cursor appeared in Vietnam. I lost the lock, just to find myself filing across asia at 250 MPH. At the time I blamed it on the 95 degree temp and the 95% humidity. Because I didn't get a good lock until I drove out of central Oregon. Where the sky turned from a hazy white to a powder blue.


My Map330 had me fling over the Puget Sound at 443MPH once.



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Anders, the reason for the steady altitude in the plane is an easy answer. The Vista uses a barometer (sp) for altitude, and since the cabin is pressurized, it should read steady. GPSr's without a barometer use the GPS lock for altitude (less accurate in my experience), and will be unaffected by cabin pressure


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{Humourous And "True"}


The reason *is* space aliens. I know this to be true because they told me through my in-tooth (one) personal alien communicator.


Your experience is one of many that are occurring today, mainly out of the interest in why our species engage in such activities, i.e., using high-technology to find--in the alien's eyes--all 4 of them--trinkets of limiting or demoralizing value, primarily consisting of Ronald McDonald Dolls, Smiling Evilly.


The "studying" will cease when all geocachers pursue geocaches with a regularly maintained selection of top-grade gps receivers, such as the SporTrak Color or Etrex Vista, including relevant CD's with the GPSR.


Just thought you'd like some corroboration icon_biggrin.gif




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P.S. The preceding has been an paid-for explanatory announcement, funded by the Aliens-As-Geocachers Fundraising Society of The Moon and Nearby Stars and Star Systems (A.A.G.F.S.o.T.M.a.N.S.a.S.S.), or "AyyGifSotumAnSaSS")


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