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Garmin GPS 72...


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Hello everyone!

I have been thinking of buying a GPS 72. And i Have a few quastions...


Is it a good GPS?

Can I upload other maps to the GPS. Like streetmaps over cities? Or do I need a GPS with MAP then?

Is it price worth?


I have been looking for review without results.


Have a nice day everyone!

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the MAP76S, but if you are just starting out, I would sugest a basic unit like the etrex yellow. That's what I started out with. If you are wondering how good they are, oregone has found well over 700 caches with one.


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Originally posted by jlw82:


Is it a good GPS?

Can I upload other maps to the GPS. Like streetmaps over cities? Or do I need a GPS with MAP then?

Is it price worth?



I have one and love it. Is it a good GPS? yes. No maps.


The price issue depends on what you want/need.


Here is a list of things that I like about it:

  • buttons on the front
  • 10-character waypoint name
  • fairly cheap ($149.90 at gpsnow.com - including shipping)
  • I have one


Any of the GPS's out there will be great. If you search through the forums here, people have almost every type that you can get. Very few people have said that their GPS is completely useless. Maps are nice but they do cost extra. The rinos have a radio function on them. A LOT of people seem to have the Etrex Vista (I think that this one has the maps). My brother usees the yellow Etrex. He loves it.


My advice... Buy a little more than you think that you need right now. That way later you won't kick yourself for paying the "little bit" of extra money to get something that you want then.



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Buy it !! icon_smile.gif

All extrex models are defenetly too small !! their resolution is better but the display is too small. And when you consider buying a newer modell like 76maps, etc the battery will not last so long.

Your basic model, has a big display icon_biggrin.gif, where you can see many data fields icon_biggrin.gif, yet more than Etrex icon_frown.gif, and the battery will last up to 20 hours icon_biggrin.gif, in contrary with the GPS76map s which holds only 10 hours icon_frown.gif(when all its features are turned on)


So , if I were you I'd buy the 72!!




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The GPS 76 looks great to. A littel more expensive. Better resulution and its come with a data cabel.


Is the 76 the same gps as the 72 model? The differ is higher resultion and ability to a external antenna.


I will use my GPS mostly for cardriving and, finding the way back to my car. ;-) AND when I are at sea and catch pike pikes! :-)


Maps are good. I know. But they are TO expensive for me.

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Just bought one of these last night at West Marine for $154.00


I looked at the GPS76, which my dad has, and couldn't really see much difference in the display resolution.

Overall it seems like a nice unit, especially compared to the Magellan 3000 I was using before. I can get it to lock into 3d mode from inside my house. My brother just ordered a GPSMAP76s, wish I had that kind of dough...


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I have the 72 & love it. The price was right (Christmas gift :-P) I would love to have the color, but hey, I would love to have a H2 Hummer too! I use the gps in my car now & plan to use it for marine at the shore this summer. The unit came with the MapSource Points of Interest which allows 1mb of data (capacity of unit) to store to unit. I would love to see Garmin come out with an upgrade to more memory, but I don't really expect that. What I may do one of these days once I out grow this unit is to buy on with more memory. As I was starting out in the gps mania, I'm glad my Dad bought me this one.





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