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MapSource Topo Maps Question

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I am looking for MapSource 1:24k topo maps for my eTrex Vista, but all I can seem to find at that scale are National Parks maps.


I am specifically looking for maps of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and perhaps Western/Upstate New York, but can't seem to find them. icon_frown.gif


Two questions... 1) Do these maps exist, and 2) Is 1:24k ncessarry? Can I get by with 1:100k, or will the lack of detail be noticable? Thanks!


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1) No, there are no MapSource 1:24000 maps other than the Nat'l Park & recreation areas - and currently only the western states version of that has been released.

2) The lack of detail of 1:100000 vs. 1:24000 is very noticeable (check Garmin's MapViewer). However, 1:100000 can frequently be adequate. If I have the paper 1:24000 series in my pack and the 1:100000 series on the GPS then usually the paper maps stay in my pack. But it's nice to know that the more detailed maps are there just in case.

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