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'GPXSonar' for Pocket PC 2003


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Team JBSS...


Would it be posible to have a link or option to associate a jpg (topo map) specific to a cache on the list ?

Right now I use expertgps to download my topo maps . Then export them, drop and drag to a folder on the PPC. The only way I can find them later on(which isn't the end of the world)is to rename them the same name as the cache.


I understand your question and it sounds like a handy feature to have.


The question that I have for you is this one: let's say that I let you link a cache to a specific JPG file and that I add a menu under the Cache Options to launch the JPG file. What viewer should be used to render the picture? Pocket IE? iPAQ Image Viewer? Other? It all depends on the file association settings.


What is your current method for viewing the pictures?





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