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Dell w/Pharos

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I have a Dell Axim and just purchased a Pharos GPS to go with it. It came with Ostia map software. I was hoping to use the GPS for Geocaching but there is no way to input coordinates. Does anybody know if other mapping software will work with the Pharos that you can input coordionates?

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It will cost you more, but Mapopolis will let you convert a GPX file from your Pocket Query into a database of caches. You can simply just choose one from a list, navigate to it, and go. It will take you as close as it can on-road, then you use your handheld GPS to find the cache itself. This program is called GPXtoMaplet. A review/explanation is available here and in the PocketCaching FAQ.


I use this setup and it rawks! :P

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I have the same setup with an x3i. The .wpb file (stores waypoints) looks to be easy to convert to but the datum I am totally unfamiliar with.


Anyone know what datum this might be?





Looks like standard northing and easting coordinates but I cant seem to find something that fits. This should be the in N42 W88 range.

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I was able to find somone (Nigel) who could figure out the coordinate system on this and I have a conversion factor. I'm working now to put it into a simple conversion program to take a GPX and make the waypoints. The number OSTIA waypoint coordinate divided by 745654.03888 will give you the decimal degrees for the waypoint.


I should have a GPX to Ostia wpb converter ready in a few hours.

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