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Vista or legend bargain hunter

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Hi I am looking at getting my wife a birthday present (a garmin vista or legend). She has recently caught the geocaching bug and wants to get in to this sport. I was wondering if anyone knew of any deals on this unit currently. I plan on ordering it in the next week or so.

Any help would be appreciated.



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You really have to work eBay to get a good deal. However it can be done but if your wifes birthday is coming up fast, you don't have time.


I'd go for the Vista. The mapping and bells and whistles would be great. Though everyone I know with a legend is happy. I think the latest firmway suppors 1000 waypoints and that's nice in the geocaching world. If it does maps that's also a plus for the legend.



Wherever you go there you are.

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My Legend just arrived today from Amazon. As stated they're 199.99 with a $50 dollar manufacturers rebate from Garmin. The shipping/handling is free if you don't mind waiting 5-9 days. I payed 9 bucks for 2 day express. So after the rebate It'll come out to 160, which is cheaper than most places after the rebate and tax.


The ones I've seen in Wally World were 217 I THINK plus tax. The Walmarts here don't have them on clearance.


I also agree about Ebay. They run higher and you cannot use the rebate if you purchase from an online auction. Garmin's site has a huge disclaimer about that where you print out the rebate form.



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Just as everyone else is saying, Amazon had the cheapest price for the Legend, $199.99 with $50 Mail In Rebate. I got mine off Amazon just a few days ago for $179.99 with $50 MIR. HOW??? It requires some looking around on that site, or one of the online coupon sites (do a search on google.com for Amazon coupons), but I applied for a Platinum Amazon.com VISA with a fixed rate of 9.9% and got an additional $20 off (which is applied to your Amazon.com account) when purchasing with the card. It took me all of 5 minutes to complete. Total price for my new legend ---- 199.99 - $20 promotional - $50 MIR + Free Shipping = $129.99. Awesome deal if you ask me! Hope you get a good deal!

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I hunted long and hard before settling on a receiver. I finally got a Legend and don't regret it at all.


About the same time I settled on the Legend, I was dropping $38,000 of my companies money with CDW on a project we had going on. I asked the account rep if he could cut me a deal seeing as how I was making him rich with commissions. He threw it in for free.


The moral: Always ask. you never know what can happen.

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