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Do you own a Vista & live on the US East coast?

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Originally posted by st_richardson:

Well now I need to decide if I leave on my car dash, put it on ebay, or shell out the $125.


Try a few things before you send it back. I'm not 100% sure, but I think in most later-model receivers, WAAS is more of a software thing than a hardware thing. You may have already done so, but FWIW...


1) Do a master reset - back up your waypoints beforehand


2) Reload the latest firmware


3) Make sure WAAS is ON icon_smile.gif


4) Make sure the receiver is in "normal" mode, not "battery saver"


5) Allow time for the almanac to be loaded, and for WAAS corrections to be received - about 1/2 hour with a clear view of the SE horizon. My Venture took a bit longer, but that's from MN, not the coast




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Originally posted by TeamCNJC:

3) Make sure WAAS is ON icon_smile.gif


When I recently upgraded my Legend to v3.10, although it didn't touch my Mapsource, it did reset everything else to factory defaults, and erased all stored waypoints, as the documentation said it would.


As TeamCNJC said, go make sure WAAS is turned on, because it's disabled by default.



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