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Rayovac 15 min Rechargeables


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I did a search and didn't find anything on this, so here I post.


I went to Walmart and bought a new Rayovac (I-C3 technology) charger for $23, and it comes with 2 batteries. I think a 4 pack of the batteries were about $8, if I remember correctly. It charges in 15 minutes and uses a microchip in each battery for proper charging. Claims to last 4 times longer than alkalines, and can be recharged up to 1000 times.


I got them for my GPS and new digital camera. I charged 12 batteries the other night, and sure enough it took about 15 minutes for each batch of 4. Although, the batteries came out scorching hot. The charger has a built in fan that runs while doing the high speed charging.


It will also charge NiMh and NiCd batteries overnight.


Walmart, claims $27 online:



Here is another link to a site for $39.




-MeriGold user.

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I haven't had good experience with new Rayovac technology. I was using rechargable alkalines, then went to NiMH with an overnight charger. The first charger fried the batteries. I called Rayovac, who promptly replaced both the charger and the fried batteries. A few months after that, I pick up a one-hour charger. That charger fried the batteries. Rayovac replaced. Last month, I purchased a set of 1800 mAh AAs, which were listed as being compatible with my one-hour charger. Guess what? My one-hour charger fried the new batteries. Rayvac replaced my one-year-old one hour charger with a new one, which had the same model number as the older charger, but was a different color, and came with a 12 volt car adapter. If it were me, I would wait to see how this technology progresses. I can charge two sets of batteries between cache hunts - more than enough efficiency for me.


As for scorching hot - that's not good for any rechargable. If it gets hot enough to melt or shrink the plastic sleeve/label on the battery, it's too hot. You should be able to hold it in your hand at the end of the charge cycle. If not, I'd give Rayovac a call.


One quick note - Rayovac did right by me each time I had a problem. Their customer service was friendly and accomodating, and they stood behind their product.




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I just picked up the Rayovac one-hour. It didn't come with any batteries so I picked up a 4-pack of Energizer 2100mAh batteries for it. So far so good. They gat a bit warm, but not so hot that I can't touch them. I got the Rayovac because I thought the 12v adapter was come in very handy. I was right.


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I am on my third rayovac one hour charger (one postion quit working on the first charger, and the next charger boiled a battery). I keep going back to the rayovac since I can charge 9 volts batteries with it.


Even with those problems I still love having batteries charged in hour or less.


Wyatt W.


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I just bought the Rayovac PS-6, which is a 4 AA/AAA charger. They also just came out with the PS-5 which will only charge 2 cells at a time. It does indeed charge up the new Rayovac IC3 2000 MaHh batteries in under 15 minutes. Has a little cooling fan that kicks in, and only works fast on the new rayovac batteries with the imbedded charge circuits. Using non IC3 batteries the charger becomes an overnight unit. Besides the cooling fan, you can see the temperature sensors on the positive charging terminals. Like the PS-4, it uses a rather large 12vdc wall wart type plug, or a cigarette lighter adapter, both of which came with the charger I picked up at Sams club, along with 4 batteries.


So far, I'm quite impressed. The batteries get somewhat warm, but I haven't measured the temp yet. (I'm guessing about 130 degrees F) Unlike some of the others here, I've never had trouble with the old PS-4's, and have been using two of them since they first came out a couple years ago. In fact, when I've measured the terminal temperature I've found that most of the time the PS-4 heats up the batteries slightly less than my Maha 204. (Tends to vary quite a bit based on battery brand and degree of discharge prior to charging)


It will take awhile to see what kind of life expectancy you might get out of these units, but so far, I'm quite impressed.

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