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Garmin Data Cards... Aftermarket Equivalent?

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What are Garmin Data Cards.... are they truly proprietary or are they compatible with an aftermarket card (i.e. lower cost)


Also, are the USB card writers required? I assume the GPS's standard serial port would work, albiet at a much slower download speed...


Thanks again...


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I was unable to find a 'generic' datacard for my Garmin unit when I was buying, so I just popped for the garmin one. Maybe Garmin has a lock on it, or maybe I just don't search as well as I could.


As for transfers...you can transfer just fine right from computer to datacard over the serial connection. It is, however, SLOW. I have a 64MB card and it would take 3hrs or so to up mapsource data to fill it.


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Originally posted by Juanbob:

I was unable to find a 'generic' datacard for my Garmin unit when I was buying

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check on ebay, I have seen genuine garmin's and a aftermarket card's


aftermarket use a ribbon to remove the card, where gramin has a retractable handle.


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