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Need help with Dell Axim memory

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This is the 300MHz with 32-MB SDRAM model. Have had only for a few weeks and currently have a pretty full 256MB CompactFlash card full of MP3's, have installed Mapopolis (CD version, only a couple of maps downloaded), have downloaded GPXSonar with a GPX file and I'm having problems with memory that I don't think (should) happen. I don't know how to shift the programs to the "built-in storage" which shows almost all free memory (5.59MB) so I can have use of all programs. When I try to access Windows Media for the MP3's, it says "Not enough memory". I have tried stopping all of the "running program list" and cannot find any programs I want to delete that will free up memory, although there may be some if it would help. If there is someone out there that could e mail direct for some 1 on 1 help, I would sure appreciate it.


Capt. Jack

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I hope you get an answer to this. I'm not sure what "built-in storage" even is!


I have almost precisely your setup, but with even more programs, and I haven't had this problem. However, all my maps are stored on a 256 SD Card. In fact, I store ALL my data on the SD Card...GPX files, Photo's, Maps, MP3's, etc. - JamesJM

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Built in Storage, The SD card, the CF card and Memory all act like hard drives.


Program storage in main memory takes up space that can be used by the CPU to run programs and "think"


You need to unintall programs installed in main memory and reinstall them into the CF, SD, or Built in Storage. That will free up your PDA's memory.


To do this when you install a program and it askes you "Install to the default location" (or something close to that) say no. Then select CF, SD, or Built in Storage. The programs will load slower etc. but it will clear up your memory.


All programs originally installed into the default location were installed in main memory.


Data files are the same. If they are stored in main memory they take up space that could be used by the PDA to 'think' and run programs.

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Since we all seem to be Dell Axim owners here I have a question for you all. I currently have National Geographic Topo map files on my Axim and they work quite well however, has anyone been able to download aerial map photos like what you would find under USAPHOTOMAPS? I would like to download and use some photo maps but don't know how icon_confused.gif Any thoughts?



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Originally posted by as77:

Running programs from a memory card is a nonstandard way of using the PDA and it is not supported by Dell. Some programs may misbehave.


A soft reset sometimes also helps free memory from the junk some programs leave after them.


So should the SD card be used only for backup or can you effectively store other data? on it?

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You can use the SD card to store data, e.g. audio and video files, images, e-books, maps, documents, databases, etc. The Axim user manual says: "Use SD memory cards to save or back up data". Which does not mean that you cannot install programs on it, but the SD card is not meant for that. The programs will run slower and they might not work properly. However, if you find that a program performs well when you install it on the SD card and run it from there, then of course you can use it that way, although it is not a supported mode of operation.

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I have an Ipaq 3955, I store all my programs that I don't feel are neccesary to the use of my pda on the SD card (games, maps, pictures, songs, some mapping programs, etc...). Anything that I would like to work even if I remove my card (or something happens to it) I will install on the main memory (mp3 players, movie players, and any special software that I want to start up on a resart, etc...).


I can not recall any problems with running programs from the SD card.


You might also be a power user, in which case you may want a unit with more RAM.


Wyatt W.

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Doh! icon_redface.gif I'm a little red faced here as in my hurriedness to assemble and "play with the new toy" I guess the Axim came with a 'filler' blank for the SD card slot. I just assumed that it came with one but apparently not. So now I need to figure out if or what size SD card I should purchase???? And what advantages it will provide. I presently have 2 - 256MB CompactFlash cards of whichI plan to use for MP3's (would like to use one for GPXSonar, but instructions say NOT to use on a memory card!?! Any advise appreciated.

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