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TOPO and Metro

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You can choose the specific METRO GUIDE + TOPO MAPS that you want and download them all to your Legend at the same time. As long as it does not go over 8 mb of course. And if all of them are turned on(all maps turned on, on the legend) then it will only show the metroguide, but if you go to map settings and turn off metroguide and keep TOPO on, then it will show topo along with the basemap on the legend.


I personally have my local metro guide about 7.2 mb, plus 3 regions of TOPO which is great for caching and backpacking and also skiing. icon_wink.gif

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When loading the TOPO software into my Legend, it did give a warning before the download that all pervious memory would be erased. After the download, I did loose the base map to the new TOPO (bonus!) and I still have exits, POI, and the other features it previously had.....I think it downloaded with the TOPO. I'll get the METRO soon and add it to my memory to see what it does. It is interesting that others have said that GEO Topo wouldn't download into the Garmin, but the box at Costco says it can....I'm curious?


Mike K.


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It is interesting that others have said that GEO Topo wouldn't download into the Garmin, but the box at Costco says it can....I'm curious?


Mike K.



Just wondering what GEO stands for. If it is a non Mapsource mapping program it will not load into a Garmin product.

Not trying to put you down or anything, just wondering.

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A few comments:

1) The basemap in Garmin units is in totally separate memory (prob. ROM) from that used for downloaded maps. Nothing you do can ever overwrite or erase the basemap from memory.

2) You can load combinations of maps from a variety of MapSource products (like MG, Topo, R&R, etc.) into your receiver as long as you do it as a single download. Select the maps you want of the first type, then switch map type in MapSource and select the maps you want of that type. Repeat as needed. Now do the download and MapSource will ask you to load any necessary disks when needed.

This ability is useful when geocaching since you may want to use MG to get to the trailhead, Topo while walking, and then MG again to find a good restaurant.

3) If you already have some map data loaded in your user-memory and then do another download from MapSource, then all of the previous map data will be erased. Some units come with marine navigation aid (bouys, etc.) data loaded in user-memory and warn that this will be erased if you do a download. That's true, but a) you probably don't want it anyhow, and B) you can always download a copy from Garmin's website and reload it later if you do.

4) Lots of software, like Nat'l Geo. Topo!, says it's 'compatible' with Garmin/Magellan receivers, but if you read the description carefully they never say that you can actually load the maps from their products into the GPS. The compatibility is limited to loading routes/waypoints/tracks or, in some cases, only being able to read the NMEA data for position.

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