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? for Topo 4.0 users

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I bought Topo 4.0 US and love it. I use it alot and even got a cheapo laptop to carry it with on cache hunts. My questions to current users is:


Did you buy the satellite imagery to go with it? If so did you feel you got your $'s worth?


I downloaded the little freebie chunk of my area. Its pretty cool, zooms nice up to 12-0 but higher than that it gets fuzzy. Was not impressed with the print output at all.

Problem with it is that my stompin grounds are

N. Arkansas and S. Missouri. It'd be a $200 dollar addon to a $100 dollar application. I normally don't pay much attention to terraserver images but the newer images might be handy.

Just wondering what others thought about it before I plunk down anymore sheckles.


When GPSr's are outlawed, only Outlaws will have GPSr's.

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An option you might want to consider would be Expert GPS to supplement TOPO 4.0. It doesn't download satellite images, but the aerial photos aren't bad. Another advantage of having Expert GPS is that you can download scanned USGS TOPO maps as detailed as the 1:24,000 scale. Delormes TOPO adds a lot of contour lines to give the appearance that it's of a high resolution, but once you play with it and compare to other maps you quickly realize it's based on 1:100,000 scale USGS vector maps, the same as Garmins TOPO. For my own use I have Garmin and Magellans TOPO, National geographic state series TOPO, Expert GPS, and Delormes ver 2.0 TOPO. (I never updated)


Good luck, and may your checkbook survive. (Between mapping software, gps receivers, and of course the required road trips, mine takes a beating) icon_smile.gif

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