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Question about Meridian Gold mapping & mapsend??

Mossy Oak
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I have a Meridian Platinum, and from what I can tell, if you are taking mostly Interstates, then the GPS should have most everything you need. What I would do is set up Landmarks at each of the intersections where you have to switch from one highway to another, and then put all of that landmarks into a route. That is probably the best you are going to be able to do as far as using the GPS as a navigation aid. Personally, in my use, I think a good ole Road Atlas is the way to go, and just use the GPS to let you know when you are getting close to having to change roads.


I don't see where downloading the maps from the Mapsend CD is going to be of great help unless you are taking backroads, and you are going to be interested in having POIs at your finger tips. The Mapsend Software for your PC would definetly be useful in setting up a route to go from NH to FL though. If you broke the route you are planning to take down into sections, and downloaded all the sections you might be able to whittle it down to 20 or so megabytes. If you were to try to get all the info the east coast between NH and FL, you are gonna have well over a 100 megs to get it all on your GPS.


Anyway, good luck.

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