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Garmin V Memory Upgrade....


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Well one small problem with that is you would have to hack the ROM and fireware so it knows there is more memory. At least this is what a few of my HW hacking buddies have said.


I have heard of this for PPC devices where they stuff 256mb of memory in some of the HP and Compaq Pocket PC's


I would be intrested as the 19mb is a joke for the DC area, If they let me drop out POI then I would be a lot happier with 19 and in metro area you have way too many POI's in a very dence area.



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It involves desoldering the 32MB memorychip inside, reading it's contents, programming it to a 128MB chip and soldering it inside the V.


This is done now and looks promising.


In between either you need to reprogram the 128Mb chip to set it's size so Mapsource knows how large it is, or patch Mapsource to tell it how large your V's memory is. This is currently tested.


So, all looks good, but there s no final product yet.



Robert Elsinga =8-)

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I would be all over this in a heart beat if it works out.


Only think that MIGHT make me give up my V is a Color version with SD memory. But hell if this is reasonable enough I would still get it icon_smile.gif


What about upping the Waypoint limit to 1000 ?



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Okay, so I'm confused.


A lot of people smarter than me on the GPSV yahoo group claim the GPSV has a 32 meg chip in it NOW.

Unfortuantely he firmware only uses/recognizes 19 meg for some reason.


If the unit can be hacked to read/recognize a 128 meg chip then why couldn't it be hacked to make full use of the 32 meg chip already installed?


Jolly R. Blackburn


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