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Refurbished Meridian Platinums


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Passing along what looks like an attractive deal here...


Harmony Computers is offering factory refurbished Plats for $199. They continue to contend for the best price for a new one, too ($249 as of today).


One should probably factor in the rebate scene, too--and I'm not all that clear on everything in effect right now. A quick look at the Magellan site appears to indicate that the only rebate for new Plats is $50 when purchased with certain MapSend products (although I didn't see a link for the relevant coupon).



Often wrong but seldom in doubt

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My Harmony refurb Platinum arrived this afternoon (Wednesday). It was ordered Monday, so I'm not complaining.


The unit looks "as new" with no scuffs, marks or apparent signs of previous use. It is not packed in a Magellan box, just some bubble wrap, but that's OK too.


It has the PC cable, wrist strap, quickstart manual, CD (containing the full manual), and they chucked two loose Energizer AA's in the box with the rest.


Once you've unpackd it all and its lying on the desk or table, you can't tell it from a brand new one.


That's it till I've run it for a while and made sure that it keeps on going. It powers up fine now and aquires sat signals with no problem.

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I just looked over at Harmony (who have consistently had among the best Meridian prices) and the refurbs are no longer available. New Plats are listed at $249, and Golds at $209. You apparently can still get a $50 rebate if you also purchase certain MapSend software (though you might get a better price on the software elsewhere...don't need to buy them both at the same place).



Often wrong but seldom in doubt

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