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How to get MapSource to recognize my etrex Legend?

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If the USB-Serial adapter works with other hardware/software then at least you know it's not that. I tried a few different connectors before this one would work. I think it was the drivers in most cases. Anyway, in Mapsource try the various ports (1 through 4 or possibly up to 9 I think) and see which works. If you check your hardware settings in System in Windows you should see what port the USB adapter is using.

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Ok, so I checked and it's COM1. I go to the "upload from GPS" option and try the "autodetect" and it just sits there and sits there and doesn't do anything. I then went to the GPS tab on the main page and tried to "Start Tracking" and it tells me the device is not ready. I have tried the GPS on both "Garmin" mode and NMEAin/NMEAout mode and no luck. Anyboy? Thanks for the help!

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You could look at the settings in the software that works and set MapSource to the same. The COM port my USB to Serial uses changes once in a while when rebooting. Sometimes it's COM3 then COM4 then COM5. Autodetect has failed in MapSource for me when I have changed USB devices on the USB port my converter is in with no reboot. That always happens if I use my palm sync cable in the same port or a port on the same internal USB hub. This can be fixed by using another program such as EasyGPS to detect the port then go back into MapSource or by rebooting.

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