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Q? about Etrex venture/ the fish and Hunt feature

Guest BX Tale

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Guest BX Tale

How does Garmin calculate the best time to go hunting and fishing for the Venture? There are different ratings for each day. I was just wondering what formula they are using.

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Got me! My GPSMAP 76 has the same thing. I think is has something to do with the position of the sun and moon, but I really am just guessing. I would love to know also



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Guest c_oflynn


I have a magellan 315, it calculates this as well. I says I have good hunting from

11pm-2am. Mmm, fresh racoon... Mabey the animals are more active during certain times of the day based on the sun/moon position, or they will be out feeding at predictable times. Hmm, not sure though!



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Guest davis513

The dates and times come from the theory that fish are influenced by solar and lunar cycles (specifically full and new moons and sunrise/sunset times.


Check out http://www.solunar.com/TheSolunarTheory.htm for a fuller explanation.


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Guest Cold Chuck

nd game far more than anything. Weather also cancel the effects of "solunar" theroy. In other words, if all horoscopes and astrologer says this is good time and the cold front is moving in, you're skunked! LOL. In my experience, I just ingore the hocus and pocus and just go out there and beat around. It beats being at work hands down (just IMHO)



Cold Chuck of Colorado

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