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RINO 110 - inputting coordinates.

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Pardon my newness, but me and a friend both purchased a Garmin Rino 110 today; both of us for local geocaching, but said friend also for potential military sightseeing.


While we found two caches today mostly based on the information my friend gleened through reading the manual(s) while I was driving, and my additional reading of the reference guide for this unit at home, we had a heated discussion of "just input the @#$@# coords we need to get to!" while we were driving. Seems that it can't be done.


Did we miss something in the manuals and/or on-screen-help that it's doable to input a "destination" waypoint on these units?


Any advice would be most appreciative. Thanks.

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In that case it's a piece of cake. Turn the unit on. Push in on the click stick and hold it until a menu pops up. Highlight "Mark Waypoint" (it should allready be highlighted). Push in the click stick to select it. The waypoint screen comes up. Push up on the click stick to highlight the coords (they show where you currently are). Push in on the click stick. A menu pops up. change the coords to where you want to go. select OK. You can then click up to change the waypoint name and symbol, or click down to select Goto and the nav page comes up and leads you there.

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Originally posted by Cymbaline:

Dang, that ain't exactly documented (I'll go back and look again), but that's EXACTLY what I was looking for, Nisk.


Update: This is in the manual (but not as well as Nisk explained it), on page 29 of the owners manual/ref guide, p/n 190-00251-10 Rev A. I missed it in our frenzy to find it.


Thanks again, Nisk.

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