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Opinion: ExpertGPS vs. National Geographic map CD

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I am looking for opinions of the National Geographic state mapping CD product vs. ExpertGPS.


Not price, just functionality within one state. I realize ExpertGPS can be used across the USA, and the National Geographic State map is good for one state.


I am looking for accuracy and quality when placing waypoints on topographical maps. I'd then print small sections to carry with me if I had the National Geographic Map CD. I understand I could annotate topographical maps with the National Geographic product as well. Has anyone used the National Geographic product and have observations to share, please?


Terraserver and other on-line mapping sources have the topographical sheets in my area messed up. I don't know if the National Geographic State CD is right or not.


I was leaning towards ExpertGPS, but hate depending on map sources that may shut off or start charging. Now I am edging towards the National Geographic State product.


Thanks in advance. Y'all helped a lot with my GPS receiver decision last month.



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I use the N.G. Topo the most. But then I also use it on my laptop and take it all with me.


I use the easygps to download all the caches into a mag 330 and dump them into the maps. I like the detail, and extra items found on the N.G. maps.


But, I have not used the expert item at all.


The only problem I have is I need a bigger hard drive in the laptop for the maps I want.


From what I have seen, all the mapping programs have old data mostly. Some are better but lack detail.


I want the details and the realtime update with the gpsr as I travel along.


Just my nickels worth.


TTFRN, logscaler.

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Or actually, EXPERT, as in ExpertGPS. I live in El Paso, TX. I am 5 blocks from New Mexico. Any of the CD programs that are set up for state only will require me to have two editions, one for each state. Too costly for my needs. ExpertGPS does all I want it to do, even on my 486/33 laptop. How much better can it get? In the end, what works for you is your decision alone. You do know you can try ExpertGPS, just download it.


Good luck on your choice.


Mike. Desert_Warrior (aka KD9KC).

El Paso, Texas.


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I have (almost) nothing but nice things to say about ExpertGPS...Dan (the owner?) is a geocacher and very responsive to suggestions/bug fixes. The maps themselves are a little old sometimes, but I don't see it as a big problem. Although I use one main area, it has been nice when traveling to visit family or going on vacation to be able to access maps for that area.


The try-before-you-buy aspect seems to be a compelling argument to take it for a spin. i found the features of the program to be a little overwhelming at first, but I started with the essential stuff and grew into much of the rest. I like being able to edit routes in ExpertGPS that I have generated with Delorme Street Atlas.


I have no first-hand experience of National Geographic...have always had the sense they were a good quality product, if 'spensive.



Often wrong but seldom in doubt

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I had the demo of ExpertGPS but I wanted to be able to annotate the map. Also I didn't know if the N.G. product had anything more recent.


I finally broke down and bought ExpertGPS.

If it would let me combine waypoints from 2 different files, that would have been nice, though.


Thanks for you thoughts.



...If life was fair, a banana split would cure cancer.

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Originally posted by dustyjacket:

If it would let me combine waypoints from 2 different files, that would have been nice, though.


It will. Open both files, tile the windows, select all in one window and drag/drop them into the other window. Then save the combined file.



N 39 54.705'

W 77 33.137'

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I love the National Geographic topo map program. The only thing is my state is so big that I probably never use but 4 or 5 of the ten cds that come for Montana. It almost seem like cheating the way you can download coordinates from a cache onto a N.G. topo map then print it and take out geocaching. Downloading and uploading waypoints from or to my gps is as falling off a log ( sorry Logscaler ).




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Both NG & EasyGPS are great products. I have notices one drawback with NG, with EasyGPS using MerdGold or M-315, I can view & print actual track, and see where I’ve been. I haven’t been able to upload actual tracks using NG, only cords (lots of them) then you need to click and create a route and link the all together to see where you’ve been.


With EasyGPS will give you the actual solid tracks; it doesn’t show any cords with in the route as NG does, either way you any want this future to refer at some point.


NG will give you a much better print out with better detail than EasyGPS. I have both and recommend both; together they have everything you will ever need.


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It would've been helpful if you posted the type GPS you use. I have a Vista. It's internal Topo maps from Garmin are 100K scale same as one of the NG Topo maps so it correlates pretty good. ALso, NG has the 24K 7.5 quad scale. SYstem creates the UTM lines on your printouts which help you locate yourself when you switch to UTM on your GPS. You can zoom in and print large.


NG has a "mapxchange" where people post there trail and waypoint data for the state and places frequented by hikers, etc. You can then download these to your GPS and NG Topo program. See here. and pull down Missouri.


Keep in mind that since the maps are USGS quads, some of the data is old. I believe Terraserver uses these too.


I don't know about ExpertGPS having never seen it.



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Originally posted by Alan2:

It would've been helpful if you posted the type GPS you use.

I use a Magellan Meridian Color


The maps in the unit, and from MapSend are nothing to shout about.


I may get the N.G. Product as well, since what I want to do are to print out exact size pieces of the USGS 1:24,000 maps to take with me. I need to be able to use my compass and rulers accurately.



...If life was fair, a banana split would cure cancer.

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