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Spinner Question

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Hey Spinner gurus, I am not a spinner user yet, but am thinking about downloading it. Does Spinner work with loc files or only with gpx files? Is there a conversion application available between loc and gpx files? Any other good apps available for working with loc files?


Thanks in advance for the info.


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Any other good apps available for working with loc files?


I don't know what you are looking for but CacheMaps can do a lot with loc and/or gpx files.


It keeps track of the caches you are looking for.

It shows online maps of the area.

It passed the coords through to other applications.

It converts coords to the needed format.

It does much more...


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Yes, GPSBabel is Free Software (both Libre and Gratis), not shareware. But to set your expectations correctly, it's also not an alchemist.


The .loc files you get from this site do not contain logs, cache description, difficulty, terrain, and so on. The GPX files you get do. GPSBabel will take a legal .loc file and make a legal GPX file out of it for you, but it won't synthesize the missing pieces.


For your needs, that may or may not be enough; only you can decide that.

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