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Using more than one Mapsends program

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Does anyone know how to upload information from more than one Mapsource program onto my GPS device. I have the yellow Meridian, I also do both a hiking and city use with my GPS now. It seems that you can use either Mapsend Streets and Destinations or Mapsend TOPO but not both to d/l regions. When I import a file I created in S/D into Topo it only picks up the POI that Topo has. Thank you,

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It can't be done the way you'd like it to be done. (20 bucks says someone will prove me wrong icon_wink.gif) To accomplish what you want, you'll have to do it with a cardwriter. Make a map using TOPO for hiking and then make another one with S/D for driving. You can put both map files on the memory card using the cardwriter and switch between them at your convenience...albeit not as convenient as having all your info on one map.

Good luck



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Why do you need Mapsend Streets and Destinations if you have Mapsend Topo? They use the exact same street database. The only difference is that one has topo data and the other has a way, way too many useless POIs. icon_wink.gif



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