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eTrex wrist strap

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Okay, here is a potentially stupid question: Is there some trick to attaching the wrist strap that comes with the Garmin eTrex? There aren't instructions for it in the manual (probably because it should be a no-brainer...). Would some kind soul be able to offer some Wrist Straps for Dummies instructions? Thanks!



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The ones around here all came with a lanyard (a neck strap). Perhaps that is what you are referring to. The cord has a very thin end, and a much longer, thicker portion.


Lanyard installation was pretty simple:


1. Remove battery cover

2. Insert 'thin' end of strap under the the little bar (seems easier to insert from battery compartment side).

3. Wiggle, or use a pin to get the cord to protrude

4. Insert the thick end of the strap into the thin portion passed under the bar.


This makes a 'girth hitch' with the thin portion of the strap around the bar.


I hope that helps.


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You can use it as a wrist strap quite well. My etrex strap came with a little "bead" threaded on it. If you are not careful, this bead can slip right off the long end. So, I tied a knot in the strap, right at the end, thereby trapping the bead.


Now, the bead works like a sliding lock. Just put you wrist between the straps and between knot at the end and the sliding bead. Then cinch the bead tight.


This 3 cent bead has saved my $400 etrex more than once!



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