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Garmin GPSMAP76S


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Excellent unit. Some notes:


I haven't found a real use for the barometer yet, but the magnetic compass is a real bonus.


My boss really liked the larger screen; he can't read the eTrexes. Larger screen also makes it easier to use in the car.


Haven't noticed an accuracy difference; eveyone else at work has various eTrex models and the numbers all come out about the same.


The beeping alarms are an excellent feature!


The buttons are clearly labeled and there's an obvious 'feel' when you press a button - some other models are 'sqooshy'.


Any particular questions, or other GPS units you're comparing it too?




p.s. I found excellent price and service atGPSnow .

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Originally posted by Bobthearch:

Excellent unit. Some notes:


I haven't found a real use for the barometer yet, but the magnetic compass is a real bonus.



I'm hoping to use the barometer to do some amateur weather forecasting while on a multi-day backpacking trip... here's a page that lists a quick rundown of using the barometer for this:



If you do a google search, there are a bunch of pages that talk about how to use the barometer, and what you can use it for... but for everyday geocaching, I don't think it's all that useful...

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Outstanding GPS in my opinion. Sensitive antenna pulls in "birds" all the time. I use my 76S at work almost every day and it has never let me down. It holds a bunch of maps (although I haven't tried to max it out). I have never used the barometer until last week when we got slammed by the hurricane. It was very interesting watching the pressure fall through the floor.

I would highly recommend this GPS to anyone.


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Originally posted by volks_ev71:

Both the Vista and 76S are excellent GPS's.


The only real deciding factor between them is size. Besides that, they are almost identical in function (minus the audible alarms and tide tables).



Add these to the difference list:

1. 76S can take an external antenna

2. 76S has the quad-helix antenna whereas Vista has a patch antenna (not saying this is better or worse, just saying)

3. Vista has a built-in calendar

4. 76S can hold more routes than the Vista

5. 76S can display 2 pressure graphs: Ambient and 'barometer over time'. Vista only displays ambient pressure plots. (Most people probably won't care about this though).

6. Vista is a bit cheaper

7. Vista supposedly has a little bit more battery life.


For me, the choice wasn't as simple as just deciding which size I wanted... I wanted a GPS that could do all the things I want to do, and do them well, so I went with the 76S. They're both solid GPS receivers... but I'm in love with my 76S icon_smile.gif

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I had a Vista for a week, sent it back and got a Map76S. Liked the Vista, but screen too small and very hard for me (old eyes) to read.


Map76S has more features (beeping keys, setup, etc.) and also an external antenna connection - and I use an external antenna almost all the time.


Map76S probably physically too big for anybody who's doing mountain climbing or hiking but great for in the car.




Just because I can't find it doesn't mean it's not really there.

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There's one little thing I miss from the Vista ... is the ability to have the block of letters to scroll to to spell out names or coordinates. The 76S uses the old Garmin ... scroll thorough each number in succession. I would love to have Garmin incorporate this feature in the 76S. Sent an email once ... never heard back or saw the feature added in an update.



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