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Garmin V

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I am getting ready to purchase my first GPS that I will be using for Geo-caching. I was thinking of purchasing the Garmin V as I can then use it for travel etc.


Is this unit to large or cumbersome to be used effectively for geo-caching? Appreciate your viewpoints


trindled, dgshellie@aol.com

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The option of having the screen in either portait or landscape mode and being able to swivel the attenna 360 deg. allows for many different ways of carrying it while maintaining a good sat-lock.


Cheers, Olar


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Originally posted by RangerRick:

For geocaching, I don't think there is any better unit on the market right now. Let the autorouting lead you to the cache area, switch to "off road" and the V will bring you to the coordintates you entered into it.


Could not agree more. This is one fine unit.



On the other hand, you have different fingers.


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The GPS V is not the Perfect backpacking GPS. But for street and hiking use you can't beat it. It's not too large for hiking and you can actually use it in your vehicle.


I have no regrets about getting a GPS V when I had the same decision you have now way back when I first started a year ago. That's 20 year ago in internet years.



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I love my Garmin V!


I bought it because it works well for road travel in the horizontal (car dash) mode and on the trails in the vertical (handheld) mode.


So far it has worked VERY well for several road trips. Now that the weather has improved I will be putting it to the test on my first geocaching trip this weekend.


I would strongly recommend the Garmin V for its versatility and ease of use. Just be sure to buy the 'DELUXE' model, as it has the unlock codes for ALL of North America.

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Can some one talk me out of getting one? I already have a platnium (which I really like) and a 315 (which I also like) and a ipaq 3955 with cables for the magellan and a navman sleeve. But I am starting to look at the V because I think it is kind of a sexy unit (except the 19 mb thing). But I really don't have the money right now, plus I live in a place where I don't need the auto routing, and magellan maps are better or just as accurate for my area. Can some one please talk me out of getting it? Otherwise I may be tempted to buy it, and I don't know what I should do with 2 models that are top of the line in a low cache area.


Wyatt W.


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Originally posted by GOT GPS?:


Always different...Hit refresh



Not to be too rude, BUT...

Why do I care that the 'maze' is always different? ????

Don't take it personally, I just don't see the point, it's still a busy maze that takes up a good portion of the screen...


I'm stepping off my soap box now.. icon_wink.gif


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Originally posted by phantom4099:

But I really don't have the money right now, plus I live in a place where I don't need the auto routing, and magellan maps are better or just as accurate for my area. Can some one please talk me out of getting it?


If you are not interested in autorouting, that is a different situation. I've only experience with one other GPS and that's the Garmin eMap. The single thing I like better for geocaching that the V has that the eMap does not is the off road compass rose and pointer. I like standing still and seeing the exact bearing that the cache is from me. The eMap just gives a general NW or E or SE and such when not moving.


So, your field of choices is now wide open. I'd looke for a unit with a compass rose and bearing pointer in the display.


Steve Bukosky N9BGH

Waukesha Wisconsin

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