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Originally posted by Guyute:

I was just wondering if all of the mapsource products have accurate streams and rivers. I also would like to have bridges listed.

I looked at several topo maps (Mapsource, ExpertGPS, Topozone and Maptech), and I've learned that all topo maps in the US are based on the quite old USGS maps. Practically you'll get exactly the same quality when you visit www.topozone.com. If you're happy with what you can see on the topozone website about your area, than it's highly probable that you'll be happy with all other topo maps.

Unfortunately, I'm not very lucky: the topo maps of California are not updated for at least 20 years. On these maps about San Diego, for example, you can find valeys, creeks that disappeared long time ago because of urbanization.

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Mapsource Topo is based on 1:100,000 scale so its details are a lot less than USGS 7.5 quads and topozone maps which are based on 1:24,000 scale. However, I use Mapsource Topo in my Vista and find it useful even though I carry along printouts of the 24,000 maps. I cross-refernce m locations.


Good luck.



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