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Guest Wilf Hook

Help Req'd

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Guest Wilf Hook

This may be long but thanks for looking.


I installed MS Autoroute 2001 and my Garmin 12XL Software version 2.01 works

fine showing my moving position, but I want more so;


I downloaded EasyGPS but it does not seem to recognise my Gps.


Part of installing Autoroute 2001 for Gps use, a Gps add-on programme was

needed which I installed from the disc. It only locates NMEA / NMEA format

Gps units which was not a problem I just set my Gps to that format and it

worked fine. The problem is (and this is my guess) I need a similar add-on

to recognise a GRMN / GRMN Gps to work with EasyGps.


I have this Gps add-on icon sitting on the "Control Panel" I have removed

the NMEA gps it is only capable of locating but I cannot remove the icon.


On double clicking the Gps icon in the control panel it also states it is

for an earlier version of Windows, please update. How? It was installed on a

Windows 98 machine from an Autoroute 20001 disc so how can that be? It still

works Autoroute even though it gives this error message.


Any help most welcome and thank you for your time



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