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CacheMate 3.0

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CacheMate 3.0 was released today. It adds, among other things, generalized support for plugins. A couple of starter plugins are in the package, including a replacement for the iQue mapping support that was formerly built into the app. Next on my list for plugins are:


- Extending the iQue plugin to handle multiple waypoints (as the plugin support allows this)

- More waypoint calcs, including trilateration and circum center

- Waypoint upload for Garmin and Magellan devices

- GPS "go to" navigation display


Once I get a couple more of those written and the plugin support broken in a little more, I'll be releasing an SDK for others to try their hand at extending CacheMate icon_smile.gif


Other additions are:


- Batch import of multiple import files (when used with CMConvert 1.5 or later)

- Record beaming (registered only... I've got my reasons for that restriction)

- Record count option in list view

- Batch Memo Pad export of cache logs

- Category selection for Memo Pad exporting


CMConvert 1.5 is also out now (Windows version is included with CacheMate), which includes support for the batch import file feature mentioned above. It also handles HTML descriptions a little better than before, as far as whitespace and table tags go.


As always, if you have any questions, be sure to check the documentation and FAQ for CacheMate before asking. They are both on the Smittyware.com site, as well as in the CacheMate download package.

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I'm sure this is an operator malfunction and not a Cachemate problem as I have not seen anyone else have this problem.

We puchased Cachemate a few weeks ago for our iQue and it works perfectly. I then saw that version 3.0 had been released, I downloaded it and the exporting waypoints to the address book function disappeared (the small rectangle with MAP in it is gone). I then went back and re-installed Version 2.31 and the exporting to address book function returned and is working fine.

Like I said earlier, I'm sure I did something wrong but haven't been able to figure out what.

If anyone can tell me how to get the exporting function to work with Version 3.0, I would sure appreciate it.



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Since I put in the support for plugins, I made the iQue mapping function one of those, just to make things uniform. Go to the "plugins" directory of the download package and find the iQueMapping.prc and iQueMapping.txt files. The former is the plugin itself, and the latter is the documentation for it.


I've actually got an update to the plugin now to allow exporting all records in a given category, if anyone with an iQue would like to try it out. I've tested it already on the iQue simulator, and it basically works alright, but I'd like to get some feedback on it before general release as the simulator doesn't have the mapping functions.


If you'd like to try it out, send email to brian (at) smittyware (dot) com. Thanks!

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What has EasyGPS got to do with PDA to GPS Data transfer?

Nothing. But until CacheMate is able to upload waypoints to GPS units, you'll need find some other way to do that.


EasyGPS is the suggested way to do that. While it's not PDA to GPS, it at least will take you from your orginal file to loading the GPS. Beats the heck out of doing it manually. And it's free!


There is other software that will do PDA to GPS transfer, but then you'd end up with two copies of the database in your PDA for two different applications. That could be an issue if memory is tight. And I'm not sure if there is any freeware that does it.

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Why go though the trouble of sending the way-points to a PDA only so you can transfer them later to a GPSr? Why not send the way-points directly to the GPSr? You still have to connect the PDA to your computer to get the way-points in the first place, so nothing is gained there. My Legend holds 1000 way-points and I don't think I could find that many caches and/or benchmarks without getting a chance to load new ones with a computer.


I must be missing the point.

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A good point.


I guess I could stick loads of waypoints on the GPS, but the six character waypoint names are not exactly user friendly and I don't like having long lists of them as they don't mean much to me. I prefer to have smaller numbers on the GPS and change them to something more meaningful to me. It would be nice to do this on the PDA instead of using the GPSr's limited text input system. The Palm using Cachemate can hold well over a 1000 caches in about 1Mb of memory including long descriptions, clues, past logs, etc. I would just like to be able to quickly transfer the waypoint info direct to the PDA when on the move. I know EasyGPS does all this but not without a PC which is the point. My original comment was intended to indicate how pleased I was with CacheMate that I only desired this one small (and planned) enhancement.


Anyway - each his own.

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Im a new user and this may just be me but when I try to load a file, after selecting the file and the options, I click ok and I get an error msg...


Parse error at line 1: syntax error.

Just for the fun of it I tried it on both my notebook and my desktop. Same thing on both.


Anyone have any ideas.

Palm m125, windows xp.

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So far, all parse errors that have come up in the file converter have been due to broken XML.


Is this with a pocket query GPX file? If so, did you check the option to zip up the GPX file? Without that option checked, there can be corruption of the file that would cause those kinds of problems.


If the problem is with a LOC file, then is the file one coming from Geocaching.com, or saved by EasyGPS? The latter does not work, as it is a binary file format. LOC files from GC.com are in an XML format, and they will work. This is covered in this FAQ entry.


If you're still having a problem after checking through all of that, let me know. There have also been problems with invalid characters sneaking into the XML, but 1) that would give a different error, I think, and 2) that was remedied fully as of CMConvert 1.42 (version 1.5 is currently available).

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