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SporTrak Map + MapSend S&D Canada Problems

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I just bought my first GPS icon_smile.gif and I am having troubles already! I installed Mapsend and when I tried to connect to my SporTrak it finds it okay (using Autodetect) but when I click "Test" it responds with "Busy" on the COM port. I'm using Win XP and can connect using EasyGPS and I connected to upgrade the firmware...

I have done the following:

  • Upgraded the Magellan software to v4.06

  • Uninstalled the COM port and reinstalled it

  • Made sure there isn't anything else trying to use that COM port

  • Shut off all software (Anti-virus etc)

  • Made sure the Baud rates match on both the computer and the GPS

  • Turned off NMEA

  • Uninstalled and reinstalled MapSend

  • Walked around in circles and almost tore hair out icon_frown.gif

  • Wore out batteries trying to get this thing working

Any suggestions? I send a note to Magellan support too. Trying to cover all my bases.


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