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eTrex not talking to easyGPS ...fix

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I did a search, and did not see a thread on this already, so I thought I would post it.


I bought an eTrex "bilingual" from GPScity, THEY call it a bilingual, Garmin calls it a European, the box and packaging does not distinguish it from a regular eTrex.


If you have one like this, and try to use easyGPS, you will have a problem; they will not communicate.


The fix is easy, in easyGPS delete the eTrex, and add an eTrex camo, select eTrex camo when Up/Downloading data from easyGPS.


Also: the current (look at my post date) firmware for the European is 2.09 (which has the same features as the 2.14 update for a regular eTrex). If you try to load the regular eTrex firmware (currently 2.14) you will get a message saying "No update available"


This was about a half hour frustration for me, so when I figured it out I wondered if others could use the info.


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Which "version" of Easy GPS were U using? There's a link in this website for a different "Edition" than the plain vanilla one at easygps.com. They're both version 1.2.2 at the time of this writing.


Actually I downloaded both Editions just now. The differences only seem to be when you right-click a waypoint (Control-click on Mac?) the last few menu options are slightly different. The Groundspeak one appear to have some items added specific to Geocaching. The Topografix Edition seems to only have a link to "Print Waterproof Topo Map" which goes to a website to let you instantly pay for the waterproof map. You can run both side by side and they read each others files. Both editions seem to read the same registry settings (I opened up a file in one and it showed in the "recent documents" section of the File menu in the other).


I think they should probably have different version numbers and read different registry settings - or just extend one instead of taking away 1 feature. I'll never order a topo map but if I did then I'd think it was stupid to have to run 2 free programs instead of 1 icon_wink.gif


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