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Upgrade of a Thousand Waypoints

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I just did the Garmin 'Upgrade of a Thousand Waypoints'. I was a bit hesitant about doing it as how it basically a system reset. Here's how it went.


-I did have to re-aquire the satellites and their almanacs, which took about ten minutes.

-It did wipe out all of my waypoints, but I had expected this and saved them with EasyGPS to reinstall later.

-Suprisingly, it did not wipe out my Metroguide map set. The maps were still there.

-It reset all my data fields, and many of my basic settings, so I had to go through and redo those.

-I had to reset my time zone from central to pacific time.

-The trickiest part was re-initializing my WAAS. I found an open skyview, and selected 'Enable'. At first I thought it was toast because I saw nothing happening. When I first got my unit (Map76) and initialized WAAS, it popped right up within a few minutes. This time I saw nothing. Then I noticed that the last couple of Sat bars were slowly cycling through the '30's'. Every couple of minutes it would dump one number and try another. A very slow process! But at least I had finally realized that it was working after intially freaking out and thinking there was a bug. It took about a good 15 minutes. It first found #47 and the slowly went back and found #35.

-Thus after about 60 mins of tinkering, reseting, initializing, and uploading my waypoints again all seems to be functioning again as it should, and I'm a happy camper once again.


I'm posting this for those who were wondering about this rather big update. My advise is patience. The reaquisition takes a bit of time.



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This one was for the Garmin Map76, but the same upgrade (to 1000 waypoints, along with the reset) is out there for other units too. The Vista, the Legend, 76S , but not for the Garmin V yet.




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I did the upgrade a couple of weeks ago and lost everything except the maps however, I had saved everything and was prepared. However, since doing the upgrade on my 76S it has now locked up twice since the upgrade; icon_redface.gif something it never did before. icon_confused.gif Garmin said to reinstall the upgrade due a glitch during the first upgrade however, one lockup happened before and one lockup happened after I reinstalled the software. I have a question, is there any way to find out if you actually have a 1000 waypoints without loading that many?

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They state that it will clear alamanac information, tracks, waypoints, routes, and settings. No maps and no points of interest mentioned there.


To check that you have more room, you can inspect the memory gauge at the set-up/system page. It will show less percent of memory used for the same amount of waypoints, if you have the 1000 waypoints upgrade. But don't worry, I've more than 500 in my Vista now, so it does work. icon_smile.gif



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Another thing it did was to reset my trip computer overall odometer back to zero. I had been leaving run since I first bought the unit. I should have writen down how many miles I had logged with it. Oh well.


I went caching all day with it, no lock-ups or problems. WAAS was locking in well today.



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Originally posted by EraSeek:

Another thing it did was to reset my trip computer overall odometer back to zero. I had been leaving run since I first bought the unit. I should have writen down how many miles I had logged with it. Oh well.



Ditto here!!

I did not think about this, or I would have waited, I had 17,000 miles, but the unusual thing was my top speed was 945 mph. icon_smile.gif

Now what are the chances of me getting that to happen again?


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