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$*&@ Rebate

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I have narrowed down my GPS choices to a Garmin Vista or a 76S. I like the bigger screen and external antenna option of the 76S but the $50 rebate that comes with the Vista might be to much to pass up. Without the rebate I would probaly go for the 76S but with the rebate the Vista is about $135 cheaper. I'm finding it hard to justify the difference, especially since it will be my first GPS and most people seem to like the Vista just fine. No questions - just wanted to vent.



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It depends on which one you would want to carry in a purse or small bag, OR which one you want to have when navigating in a boat.


A small digicam and a Vista would fit nicely in a small geocaching bag, or uncluttered purse. It is hard to read the Vista's display in a Car or boat that bounces around though. I have tried the Vista in a 19ft boat and it was hard to see.


The GPS V may be better, since it is smaller than a Map 76s, and larger than a Vista. It lasts longer on batteries than one with an electronic compass. It uses 4 batteries, and Energizer NiMH rechargable batteries are best for it.





GPS V deluxe: $424.95

GPSMAP 76s: $384.95

eTrex Vista: $291.95


Best setup would be a Vista with those rechargable batteries like in the link above. You can get more on a charge with the electronic compass on and WAAS on, than regular batteries, and you would have a spare set of rechargables with you in an emergency.



5_Rubik.gifMy home page about GPS units and information


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